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In case of inclement weather, be sure to check the BYS Weather Line (781-340-4569)
Latest News:
Sunday May 10, 2015 - Fall 2015 Registration Begins

Attention Braintree Soccer players entering grades K-8 next fall:


To register for the Fall 2015 Recreational Soccer Season which will begin in September 2015 please do the following:

1. The preferred browsers to use with this Sport Ngin registration software is either Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox. You may use Internet Explorer or Safari but they often run into problems.

2. Click the button on the below to begin.

3. When you are asked "Who are you registering?" please fill in the PLAYER'S name.

4. When asked for Grade and School, please use the grade and school that the player is ENTERING IN SEPTEMBER. (not their current grade!)

KINDERGARTEN PARENTS: Volunteer Division Directors work very hard over the summer to form teams. We try to keep the younger players with kids from their own schools/neighborhood. If you wish to keep your kindergartener with neighborhood kids then please list their school as their HOME SCHOOL (the school they will attend in grades 1-5.) If you choose Monatiquot as their school then they will be placed on a team with other Kindergarten players from all over Braintree, regardless of address.

5. Be sure to agree to both the Liability and Medical Waivers

6. If you are registering another sibling, then click "Register another player." The discount will be applied on the checkout screen.

7. Please pay by credit card. If you choose "pay offline" then please send your check in right away so that we may process your registration and find your child a team.Please contact the Registrar if you need to make payment arrangements.

8. Thanks and have fun!

Deb McMartin


ANNOUNCEMENT: High School Open Division

Braintree Youth Soccer is Happy and Excited to announce that beginning fall of 2015 (this September) we will be offering a new pilot program:

A Co-Ed High School Open Division

The New Co-Ed High School Open division will be open to all high school players that are NOT playing in a High School Soccer Program. Games will be played on Saturday mornings and run September and October. This will be a recreational Co-Ed program and fantastic opportunity to continue playing soccer in a fun environment.

Register today at :


Hope to see many of you on the pitch this Fall!!!

East Middle School Fields

Thayer Fields

October 30, 2011

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In case of inclement weather, be sure to check the BYS Weather Line (781-340-4569)

The BYS Fall Program is a recreational league for children residing and/or attending school in Braintree. Players must be in Grades K through 8 to play. The goal of the league is to promote the game of Soccer and to allow everyone to enjoy the game.

The league is organized into boys and girls divisions by grade. This allows the players to be grouped with others of similar skill level and size, insuring fairness of play. The divisions are B-K (Boys Kindergarten, etc.), G-K, B-1, G-1, B-2, G-2, B-3, G-3, B-4, G-4, B-5/6, G-5/6, B-7/8 and G-7/8.

The format for the Kindergarten and 1st Grade Divisions is Micro Soccer. This is played on a small field with only 4 players per side, allowing all players an opportunity to touch the ball as much as possible. Games are fast moving and free flowing.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade Divisions play on medium sized fields with small goals. Grade 2 is a 6 player format. Grades 3 and 4 are 7 player format. At this level traditional soccer rules are applied, positional play becomes important and boundaries are enforced.

The 5/6 and 7/8 grade Divisions play on full sized regulation fields with 11 players per side. Some of these games even occur at night. This is the big leagues, with a draft, standings and play-offs.

Registration for the Fall Season occurs in May. Play begins on the first Saturday in September for all grades. The season ends at the end of October / beginning of November for Divisions K-4, and early- to mid-November for Divisions with play-offs.

All games are played on Saturday at either East Middle School or Thayer Academy South Athletic Complex (with the exception of evening games at Braintree High School).

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