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Latest News:
Sunday April 6, 2014 - Junior Academy Season Begins!

2014 Junior Academy Master Schedule
Sunday March 30, 2014 - Braintree Challenge - Junior Academy

It's almost time to play outside! To warm up before the real season begins, Braintree Travel Soccer has created the Braintree Challenge. It's a day to play on the Thayer Turf fields against other Braintree teams. The Junior Academy will play on Sunday, March 30th: Here is the schedule: ]
Time Boys
Thayer Field 1
Thayer Field 2
Thayer Field 3
9:00B6 v B8G1 v G6
9:00B1 v B9G2 v G7
10:00B2 v B10G3 v G5
10:00B5 v B7G4 v G9
11:00B3 v B11G8 v G14
11:00B4 v B12G10 v G11G12 v G13
March 16 & March 23, 2014 - Junior Academy Training Schedule

Junior Academy Team Training Schedule for March 16 & 23
Junior Academy 2014 Training by TEAM on 3/16/14 & 3/23/14
All training will take place in the Hollis School Gym
Team TimeCoachAssistant(s)
Boys1Brazil10:00Rich KellyEthan Flaherty
Boys2England10:00Brian KaceyTom Ryder
Boys3Ghana10:00John GibbonsJ.P. Potts, M. Egasti
Boys4Germany11:00Paul FernandesMarc Drainville
Boys5USA11:00Tim Curran
Boys6Mexico11:00Anthony Guendouli
Boys7Argentina12:00Mike GarrityMike Norton
Boys8Cameroon9:00Mark SmithK Kline, N Guarino
Boys9Italy9:00Rob DivitoDeclan Fennell
Boys10Spain9:00Mark Carey
Boys11Belgium12:00Matt GiblinSean McDonough
Boys12Holland12:00Michael Visser

Girls1Brazil1:00Gary BurkeNancy Southwick
Girls2England1:00Anthony CurranPaul Reilly
Girls3Ghana1:00Libby CostelloLisa Horan
Girls4Germany2:00Alo McGeoughTom Hubbard
Girls5USA2:00Craig MoranCaroline Moran
Girls6Mexico2:00Justin AckermanKristin Dennison
Girls7Argentina3:00Suzanne MoranVinny Trotta
Girls8Cameroon3:00Tim MacDonaldBrian Snyder, Tom Fisher
Girls9Italy3:00Paul McConvilleRick Bretagne
Girls10Spain4:00Jeff O'SullivanScott Juba
Girls11Belgium4:00Tracey SharisPaul Trull, Lisa Long
Girls12Holland4:00Kerry PiccoloLisa Gott
Girls13Portugal5:00Greg QuinnKim Quinn
Girls14Ivory Coast5:00John Vella
Sunday February 23, 2014 - Junior Academy Training Begins

2014 Junior Academy Training Schedule
Schedule for Sunday Feb 23, March 2, and March 9
All Training at Hollis School Gym
Boys/Girls School Time

BoysLiberty9-9:55 AM
BoysHollis/Meeting House10-10:55 AM
BoysFlaherty/Highlands11-11:55 AM
BoysMorrison/Ross/Sacred Heart/Other12-12:55 AM

GirlsFlaherty/Morrison1-1:55 PM
GirlsHighlands/other2-2:55 PM
GirlsLiberty3-3:55 PM
GirlsHollis4-4:55 PM
GirlsMeetingHouse/Ross/St. Francis5-5:55 PM

Feb. 14, 2014 - From the President:

February 14, 2014

Hello Jr. Academy Players and Coaches,

Welcome to the 2014 Braintree Travel Soccer Junior Academy season. Once again we have been hard at work making improvements to the program that the kids will find fun and enjoyable - leading to what we hope will be a lifetime enjoyment of the sport. I write to provide you with the information you will need for this season. Please take a moment to read this email in its entirety.

1. The training schedule for Junior Academy players is shown below. Further, all schedule information and announcements will be available the BYS website, at www.braintreeyouthsoccer.org when available. Junior Academy players will have 5 days of indoor training at the Hollis School beginning next Sunday, February 23. Training will last for 50 minutes in total and will begin precisely on the hour between 9 AM and 5 PM.

2. The first 3 weeks of indoor training (2/23, 3/2 & 3/9) is grouped by school. The last 2 sessions (3/16, 3/23) will be grouped by team to allow the coach to start interacting with the players. The schedule for the final two dates will be distributed in the coming weeks once teams are constructed and coaches are assigned.

3. Each player is assigned a training hour for these indoor sessions. Unfortunately we cannot entertain requests for players to attend an alternative training sessions. The reason for this is that the gym space is rather confined. We do our best to keep the player to instructor ratio at a number that is conducive to the enjoyment of all the children in the gym at the time.

4. Please condition yourselves to check email for updates from the league and from coaches. Our coaches are dedicated volunteers, many of whom prefer group emails to correspond with players. This maximizes the amount of time they can spend on the field and makes their life easier. Please do your best to accommodate them, as they have many players to be concerned about.

5. During our indoor training sessions, we are asking parents to stay outside the gymnasium at Hollis. Space is a bit tight and must be used for the players and to reduce clutter that slows down training sessions. Please follow this instruction. Siblings are absolutely prohibited from the gym.

6. Each player should come to training sessions prepared. Soccer players wear shorts and t-shirts. Eventually they will receive a uniform and should wear the complete uniform to pre-season training as well as their outdoor training and game dates. Each player must wear shin guards. This is mandatory. Each player should come to training with a ball (size 3 or 4 is appropriate for their level of play), and a drink.

7. All gear, drinks, and other personal items must also be kept outside the gym during training sessions. Otherwise, drinks spill and equipment clutters the training environment.

8. Please remember that game referees are usually players on more advanced teams in our travel program. While they might look young, they have attended many hours of instruction and passed a vigorous testing process in order to earn their referee badge. Please be sure they are treated with the respect they deserve. There is an absolute zero tolerance for any spectator, coach, or player that is disrespectful to a referee, a coach, or another player.

9. Your concerns can be brought to the attention of our junior academy directors. Email addresses for each of these directors will be released with the training schedule.

10. Several of the training sessions this season will be run by the staff from Advantage Soccer. You can read more about this organization at advantagesoccer.com.

11. Junior Academy games will begin as early as 8 AM and be done by as late as 1 PM on Sundays beginning in April. The schedule will be released at a date in March. It will be posted to our website as well. The season ends in June with our World Cup celebration and party. This is a fantastic event. More details to come as we approach this date.

Thank you,
Mark R. Smith
Braintree Travel Soccer
Junior Academy Coordinator

Jon Horger
Braintree Travel Soccer

Sunday June 2, 2013 - Junior Academy World Cup!
Click on Album Cover to see all photos
From BYS_20130602_JuniorAcademy_WorldCup

2013 Junior Academy World Cup Schedule
Sunday April 28, 2013
Sunday April 14, 2013
Slyde - NE Revolution Mascot at BYS
March 17, 2012
Get your Braintree Soccer Gear!

We are pleased to announce a new opportunity for all Braintree soccer players to purchase Braintree Soccer Gear. A variety of clothing and other gear will be offered by The Source, and will be available for purchase on line.

To preview a few of the items that will be available for purchase go to:

In case of inclement weather, be sure to check the BYS Weather Line (781-340-4569)

BYS 1st and 2nd Grade Spring league is a development program for our 1st and 2nd grade boys and girls who are not yet old enough to play competitive travel soccer.

The aim of the league is to provide the juniors the benefit of enjoying Spring recreational league play, while providing the skills training necessary so that they can play on our travel soccer teams in the future.

Our program consists of indoor skills development in the Winter with outdoor games in the Spring.

The objective is to provide a fun learning environment for our juniors. BYS hires outside Professional soccer coaches to provide proper instruction in basic soccer skills during the Winter indoor program. Solid instruction in the fundamental skills will provide these young kids with the foundation necessary to be confident in their soccer skills and confident in themselves.

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